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A Professional Janitorial Service

Keeping a clean and pristine living and working environment is essential for everyone. However, it often takes a lot of time and energy. Ana's Cleaning Power LLC is here to provide excellent cleaning and janitorial service in Miami, FL. Explore all the solutions we offer, and let us help you!

Our Services

Janitorial Service

Janitorial Service
Our quality janitorial service is perfect for places that need regular cleaning and organization. We can execute several tasks like vacuuming, mopping, and putting everything in place. Overall, our experts will ensure the polished look of your space whether you own a school, a hospital, or another facility.

Deep Cleaning

Deep Cleaning
Deep cleaning is particularly beneficial for people with allergies. This service handles tough stains and eliminates bacteria, dust, and dirt from your surfaces. Our crew possesses the equipment to sanitize everything for your peace of mind. Rest assured that your health and indoor air quality will improve.

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning

Move-In and Move-Out Cleaning
When you're about to relocate, the last thing you want to consider is cleaning your old and new places. Let our tea help you with this task. We will ensure your previous space is ready for its new owners and your new one is ready for you to move in.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning
Construction cleaning is crucial to ensure your new construction is free of debris and dangerous leftover materials. Our team will carry out the task carefully and give you a tidy and secure area so you can carry out any additional activities.

Office Cleaning

Office Cleaning
Your office will remain spotless thanks to our office janitorial service. You'll feel more motivated and productive as a result. Additionally, it might improve how well you perform at work. For you to work in a stylish workspace that satisfies all of your functional requirements, we will clean the entire space and organize all of your belongings.

Airbnb Cleaning

Airbnb Cleaning
All Airbnb hosts know how important it is to keep their apartments in good condition. Let our experts work their magic to lead to better reviews and a boosted host reputation. Rest assured that your guests will be happy.

Patio Cleaning

Patio Cleaning
As your patio is exposed to all types of outside factors and elements, regular cleaning is crucial to keep it looking great. Our company can meticulously clean and sanitize your patio area so it's always ready for guests or quality time spent with the family.

Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning
Windows are one of the parts of your property that accumulate the most dirt, dust, and bacteria. Dirty windows also obscure your view and do not make a good impression on visitors or guests. We can make your windows shine again with our professional equipment and quality products.

Closet Cleaning and Organizing

Closet Cleaning and Organizing
Your closet should always be well-cleaned and organized to make your daily routine a breeze. We know you probably have many clothing items and accessories you don't have time to arrange. We advise you to consider our reliable service and make your closet area look organized and elegant again.

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Benefits of Working with Experts

Professional janitorial service saves you a lot of time and stress. Experts can handle all your needs while you relax or work. Your home or commercial building will always look polished with their services.


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How We Work

Ana's Cleaning Power LLC is a team of experts who prioritize customer satisfaction. We use professional cleaning equipment and safe products to deliver flawless results.


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Areas Served

We strive to deliver quality cleaning services to all our customers in Miami, FL. However, you can benefit from our expertise, too, if you are in any of these areas:

  • Richmond Heights, FL
  • Pinecrest Village, FL
  • Glenvar Heights, FL
  • Country Walk, FL
  • Three Lakes, FL

Contact our team today and let us breathe new life into your space with our excellent cleaning services!

Client Testimonials

Very Impressed!

I love the professional janitorial service this company provides each time they arrive. The crew always cleans and organizes everything to perfection, and their rates are affordable. I highly recommend them!

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